Choosing the Destination for your Wedding or Event

There is a lot to consider when choosing your destination but the two charming towns of Tofino & Ucluelet on the edge of the Wild Pacific Ocean are incredible choices!

Maybe you have visited them before? Maybe you have heard about them from friends or family members and always wanted to visit but haven't had the chance? Find out some helpful tips on the locations of Tofino & Ucluelet and what you need to think about.

Tofino & Ucluelet are located on Vancouver Island. Each community is distinct with its own unique flavour. There is an incredible array of things to see and do as well as a variety of places to stay. Getting here is a scenic journey that you can explore by road, water and air. Experience all the island has to offer with stops in Coombs and the famous 'goats on the roof' and at Cathedral Forest where you can't help but be enchanted by the giant cedars. Stop for a photo by Ellis River and the breathtaking waterfalls and keep your eyes out for black bears meandering alongside the road or eagles flying overhead. Explore Pacific Rim National Park, hike Schooner Cove or pack a lunch and spend hours walking long beach or see the sun set on the horizon while surfers catch the final waves of the day. You have chose your destination, now you get to enjoy the journey here!

Once you arrive, you will find yourself immersed in temperate rainforest, surrounded by rugged mountain peaks and beautiful islands as far as the eye can see. Stepping onto long stretches of beach you will see the wild Pacific Ocean and windswept trees. As you walk along the water you will find starfish and sea life on rock faces and shells, sand dollars and kelp scattered along the sand. You are at the end of the road and are among some of the rarest places on earth...what a destination.

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Tofino, British Columbia, Canada