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Your time is precious. Working with Rare Earth Wedding Event Production means not having to pound the pavement, searching for vendors and hoping they're reliable or surfing the internet for hours trying to find the latest trends in decor or the proper etiquette for invitations. It allows you to relax and enjoy the journey to your wedding or event without being consumed by the details. We'll present you with best-in-class, vetted vendors that fit your style and budget. We'll negotiate the very best pricing and contract terms on your behalf. With our experience, we'll send you information and ideas for everything from theme/style/decor to welcome gifts/wedding favours, lighting, activities, excursions and more. Want to just relax, breathe, release all concern and tension, and have an incredible wedding too?

Relax and take it all in...

Hiring Rare Earth to plan your wedding is easy. Having Rare Earth as your guide to help get your wedding plans started and keep you organized can make all the difference in the world as to whether you are having a stressful and trying time, especially as your big day gets closer and closer, or whether you are relaxed and loving every minute of the journey.


At Rare Earth Wedding Event Production, we refuse to lose sight of the fact that wedding planning should be fun. Having us as your guide allows you, your partner, family and friends to have the fun of planning your big day without all of the stress. We'll ensure that not only your wedding day, but all of the planning is filled with nothing but fun and excitement. We truly believe that life is about the journey and not just the destination so we want you to enjoy both! A successfully planned wedding is also about the journey, not just the destination. Find out how to get their and enjoy it too!

Imagine having the freedom to make an overnight mini-vacation to wine country out of wine selection task or spending the entire day before your Wedding pampering yourself...and not feeling guilty about it. This is a once in a lifetime experience for you and your lovely groom. Being as free of the stress and panic that negatively affect the majority of brides planning their own wedding can open you up to a whole new world of opportunities, enjoyment, and memories of your engagement.


Can't afford a wedding planner? Think again. Rare Earth will SAVE you 10-20% of your wedding budget. If you think wedding planners and consultants are just a luxury, think again! The evidence is quite the contrary - wedding planners can save you 10-20% off the list price because they have an established relationship with providers, help keep your wedding within budget, and save you money along the way with money-saving tips. Really, you can't afford not to hire a wedding planner!

You will save TIME, MONEY and STRESS! Take advantage of our first hand knowledge and experience of vendors and what they each offer rather than you having to spend countless hours searching them out. Time and again we hear that one of the hardest things is finding and sourcing out vendors, understanding what they can offer and what prices you should be paying. Our relationships with the vendors and negotiating power allow us to work for you in providing you with the vendors that suit your style and budget, helping you save time, worry and money! Better than that you will know that you haven't missed anything and that the vendors are of top quality and can deliver what you need. Through Rare Earth you will have access to the best prices from the best vendors. Want to plan your dream wedding, but worried about your wedding budget? Read this

We have become so efficient at planning weddings, that we have developed lots of ways of saving money and creating value.

Save Time: Time is Money, Money is Time

Rare Earth will save you hours of exhausting time - and your time is precious. You'll be able to continue focusing on your work, your hobbies, and your family while we help you keep on schedule and on target. We help you with the details, adding creative touches and industry know-how along the way. Having time to yourself in the weeks leading up to your wedding is priceless.

Save Stress

1. Negotiations, you might not like them or know how to go about them, but we are used to them as it is part of our business. We are used to seeing lots of vendor contracts and are able to help you avoid extra charges. We'll ensure that have a clear understanding of everything you sign, as well as keeping track of all the finer details for you. We have your best interests top of mind...always! We negotiate the best deal on your behalf, or negotiate your contract so you receive more value. And you'll have the peace of mind that comes from receiving vendor recommendations from your partner in planning.

2. Wedding Vendor Relationships, we have them. Rare Earth works in the wedding and events industry. We know just which baker to go to for the most luscious, delicious wedding cakes; we know which venues are good for rain or shine. We also know which photographer will give you the best value or the most artistic touch. Rare Earth works with these contacts all year long and is constantly working to foster positive relationships with many members of the community whose services you need. We've done all the leg work to develop the positive relationships needed to take the stress out of planning your wedding.

Save a Little or a Lot?

At Rare Earth, we have various packages suited to a variety of budgets. And, are also willing to create a custom package to cater to your needs. Another option we offer is to help just for your wedding day, leaving you to plan your own wedding.

Our most popular and specialized service is our day of coordination, "treasured moments". This is designed for the bride that has already booked her vendors and taken care of the details. Now, allow us to step in and run your day just how you envisioned it without having to worry about anything. We will take care of executing your wedding and deal with any problems that might pop up. All you have to do is enjoy your day thats all about the two of you.

Learn more about all of Rare Earth Services and Packages.

Helpful Tips to get you on your Way to RELAX, ENJOY, and SAVE:

We want you to relax and enjoy your wedding, regardless of whether or not you should choose to hire Rare Earth to help you plan your wedding. So here are 12 things you need to know and do to get started and remain relaxed throughout the journey:

Getting Started

Step 1: Setting the date

The actual date of the wedding is one of the most important details that you and your fiance have to decide upon. This should be taken care of first.

Step 2: The Budget

Before you start to make your plans, you must have a budget. Know how much you want to spend for each detail of your wedding. With the average wedding costing approximately $20,000 you certainly want to budget for each detail so you don’t find yourself over extending.

Step 3: Your Venue

Where your wedding will take place. Looking for a place to have your wedding certainly is important and it is also the biggest chunk of your budget besides your honeymoon.

Step 4: The size of your wedding

It is very important to talk with your future spouse about the size of your wedding that you both have in mind.

Step 5: Photographer/Videographer

You will want to consider a professional because you want something very special, lasting and visually presentable.

Step 6: The cake

When in search for your wedding cake it’s best to have a tasting first, before settling on a cake. To make this fun invite some friends and family to the tasting!

Step 7: Ordering wedding invitations

If you want to get creative, you can always print your own invitations. This way you can customize them and add your own personal touch to them.

Step 8: Your wedding attire

Don’t forget to start looking for your wedding gown months before the wedding day. This way you will have plenty of time to make a selection and take care of fitting.

Also, the groom should make arrangements for either buying or renting a tuxedo. Just in case you encounter some trouble with the fitting, you would have some time to make other arrangements.

Relax in the moment together...

Step 9: Disagreements? listen and consider other points of view

Try to take them in stride...especially when they involve your fiancé. Remember, the most enjoyable weddings are the ones where the bride and groom are happy and in love, so if you have that going for you, your wedding will be all you want it to be.

Step 10: Share in the responsibilities

It’s your fiancé's wedding, too. No need for you to be in charge of everything. Assign your fiancé tasks that he won’t mind doing. And don't forget to make time for each other. Don’t allow yourselves to become so consumed with all the wedding plans that you no longer do fun things together as often. Even while you are planning your wedding, there is no reason to stop dating.

Step11: Schedule some down time

Set aside some time for yourself that has nothing to do with the upcoming wedding. It never hurts to disconnect from the wedding plans for awhile. Soak in a warm, relaxing bath, go to a movie, or get a massage.

Step 12: Ask for help

Whether you hire a wedding planner to take care of all the minute details, or ask a close friend or family member for help, accepting some assistance may help you to relax and enjoy this busy time.

There you have it. 12 steps to get you started on your wedding plans and remain relaxed throught the journey. Now put these steps into action and remember, you are embarking on a beautiful journey.

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