Unexpected Moments

Unexpected Moments: Hourly A la Carte Consultation Services

A la Carte services are perfect if you are just beginning to think about Tofino or Ucluelet for a possible location for your wedding. It could include site recommendations and visits to help you choose the perfect location for your vision, style and budget. It can also include anything from specific vendor matching & referrals based on your personal requirements, last-minute vendor sourcing, program & menu design, guest basket creation and delivery, invitation assembly and mailing, guest list management and by-the-hour wedding coaching.

How does it work? What is included?

Maybe you've got the wedding venue organized but need advice on decor? The flowers are all taken care of, but you're worried about finding the right band?Your photographer can't make it at the last moment and you’re scrambling to find a new one? Wondering how could custom lighting give your wedding venue that extra wow-factor?


$150 for the 1st hour of consultation, $100 for each additional hour.

*Site Visits are a great way to help confirm Tofino and/or Ucluelet as your wedding destination choice! Please call or email now to find out more about site visit opportunities and pricing. It is amazing how much time, energy and money you can save by working with Rare Earth to scope out the best locations for you! Many of which come with Rare Earth Preferred Rates to save you money and peace of mind.

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